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Welkom op Seblog, het weblog van Sebastiaan Andeweg. Ik ben een schrijver en nerd uit Nijmegen. Ik ben ook te vinden op Twitter, Instagram en nu en dan op LinkedIn. Als ik code schrijf staat dat op Github en als ik rondjes ren staat dat op Strava. Ik ben Facebookloos sinds 2014.

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Day 36: reacji

A few days ago, Aaron Parecki made an emoji detector for PHP. I felt I had to reply to that in style by using it.

So, now my site supports reacji, a reply which contains only of one emoji. In theory, it did already support this, of course, but now I show them as a 'shortpost', next to likes and other things I use icons for:

Hurray for Aaron's detector šŸŽ‰

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Day 35: in reply to author name

Today, I replied to some people on Twitter, and I was surprised to see 'twitter.com' turn up on my site as the author of the post I was replying to. I now have XRay with Twitter vision, right? Why didn't it work?

It turned out I only use XRay for likes, bookmarks and reposts, but this reply context relied on an old piece of code I wrote myself. It fetches a h-card for the URL, which works for IndieWeb sites with Microformats, but not for Twitter posts.

So I fixed that: now XRay fetches context for replies too:

This is the first step in actually displaying the full reply context on the permalink page. The data is there now!

(Mijn huidige aanpak van Twitter-discussies is zwaar over de 140 tekens gaan en dan naar mijn blog linken. Ik weet niet of het echt werkt.)

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Day 34: added a privacy policy

Today is a (almost) no code day. I wrote a privacy policy.

Now that I have ways to log in to my site, I kind of need a page, because I am handling with personal information. I believe it's even required for the Twitter login thing, so here it is.

It feels more formal than I want it to be, so I tried to keep it informal. I also translated the Dutch version into English, because I have embarked on this multilingual thing now with this 100days series and English visitors need a privacy policy too. The document just comes down to explaining what I do, and asking to contact me if one disagrees. I don't do crazy stuff, so I think it's fine.

The bit of 'code' I wrote is in the footer, where there's now a link to the privacy policy.

Ik wil best de stemwijzer doen, maar ik weet niet wat ik ga stemmen. Dat maakt de haha-kijk-helemaal-fout-screenshot aan het eind zo lastig.

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Day 33: timezones

At some point while building the foundation for this site, I decided to save all dates in UTC. I like UTC, I like timezones in general, and here in Europe we're not that much off UTC either.

In about a month from now, though, the gab between UTC and CET will grow again with one hour, due to 'zomertijd'. And even though there was an explicit 'UTC' behind all the times, it was still confusing for Dutch visitors, who where expecting 'normal' times.

I now show times in Central European Time. There's an explicit 'CET' behind all the times. The Microformats times are still on UTC though, but I added an explicit +0000 behind all the timestamps, to make clear that it's UTC.

ā€˜Niet dat ik je gesprek afluisterde, maarā€¦ā€™

Net afgeluisterd in de trein.

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