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Remote attending IndieWebCamp London #indieweb
It's a bit like paint but 3D.
I had a day off, so I made myself a donut. Pretty amazed by what one can do these days with [free software](https://blender.org), an [excelent tutorial](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPrnSACiTJ4) and plenty of time to keep at it.
Is het leven nou beter, zonder Metterswane? #nijmegen
Toerist in eigen stad.
Post-IndieWebCamp walk. + 1
Take away.
Your implementation is leaking information about the token.
Åmål #vintage #sweden
Traveling with The Bag #indieweb
#tbt #dusseldorf
Recept tegen jetlag: goede koffie en zo lang mogelijk in de zon.
Lol, taking a plane to Paris on Valentines Day, so I got goodies! Thanks @airfrance!
This is probably the weirdest feeling of the whole trip. Omg: the Nihon Kiin, the real one.
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