Days 1 to 10 of #100daysofindieweb

I’ve been doing this #100daysofindieweb thing for 10 days now, so I thought it was time for a summary post. Here are the things I've been working on:


I fixed how things look here on my site quite a lot. On Day 1 I fixed how my reposts look. They are not longer just a url, but now actually show the original post, which I stored during the Twitter dump. I don’t do an automated grab of the external page yet!

I also changed now my RSVPs look on Day 7. First they where just a reply post, with a weird textual representation of ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but now they have icons.

On Day 8 I launched a ‘new post type’. In a way, this is just an different presentation of the posts I write for the purpose of writing them. I now only show the word count on those posts, not the text, because the actual text is less important.

Webmentions plugin

On Day 3, I fixed some bugs regarding relative urls, not only in my own Webmentions plugin, but also in the Kirby Toolkit. It eventually led to a new test on

Today I also added an auto-archive function to my plugin, so it triggers archival copies for any url I mention.

Importing posts

I spend Day 5 and Day 6 importing old posts, which was actually quite hard and is still not really finished. I’m quite picky about how things should look, and they don’t look very good at the moment. There are also a lot of duplicate posts, because I imported my Twitter, and I used to link to my blog on Twitter. I still need to fix these things, but since I already spend two days on this, I postpone it some more.

Markup and headers

On Day 2, I marked up my deleted posts. If a post has a dt-deleted in the past, it returns a 410 Gone header on it’s own page, and shows up as a hidden tombstone in the feed.

And on Day 4 I changed the HTTP header of posts with a dt-published in the future to 404 Not found. Together with hiding them from the feed, this makes scheduled posts.

Finally I fiddled a bit with my Microformats on Day 9, so my site comes out better on Indiecards.

All in all it feels like a productive first 10 days! Only 9 of those sets to go :)