Day 7: better RSVP representation

A little while ago I posted my first event, and soon after it came my own RSVP to that event. Back then I wrote a bit of text, because an Indieweb RSVP is a h-entry with a u-in-reply-to and a p-rsvp property. Since it’s a reply, I wrote reply text.

Most people don’t display the text for RSVP posts though, myself included. And today I RSVP’ed on a event, so after the ‘hey you need to post this on your own site first’ bells went off I made a new RSVP on my site. I forgot the text, so it looked like this:

It’s a bit yucky. So since I already have icons here for displaying the different RSVP values (yes, no, maybe and interested), I thought let’s re-use them.

I changed a lot of code behind the scenes too, because my h-entry template became a mess with all the different options it has. (But behind the scenes doesn’t count for #100daysofindieweb!) I now display RSVP’s as what I now call ‘shortposts’:

I also added my bookmarks to the feed at the homepage, because I like to show off my different types of shortposts. (They first where only available at /bookmarks, and I'm actually subscribed to that feed myself, so I can review my own bookmarks in my reader. Nice lifehack.)

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Sebastiaan Andeweg

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