Day 4: scheduled posts

I'm very late today. It's actually day 5 now in The Netherlands, but since I haven't slept yet I'm still calling this day 4.

Because I started so late, I chose an easy one for today. Unfortunately the easy ones always take longer than you expect. But hey, that makes this episode of #100daysofindieweb an episode!

I am now able to schedule posts on my blog. That's a simple one, because all I have to do is check wether the 'published' field of a post is in the past before I display it. It took a little longer because I had to do it in two places, the feed and the entry page.

The feed now only grabs posts where the 'published' is smaller than the current date, and my router now gives a 404 Not found if a post has a 'published' that is bigger than the current date.

Because my webmentions trigger on the first visit of the page, and the page never gets called, I effectively schedule webmentions with this too. Only one problem: I need to wait for a visitor to open the post once it's published to trigger the mentions. This includes the mention to, to syndicate a post to Twitter. I leave that problem to another day though.

Anyway, it's a simple feature, but a neat one, so I'm happy with it.

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Sebastiaan Andeweg

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