Day 2: 410 Gone

One day I made an RSS-feed just for Martijn, and the other day he said:

[2017-01-09 19:27:07] <Zegnat> Oh, geen support voor /deleted? re:

Nope, I just made a test post and deleted it right away, the hard way: a proper delete. How could I know his parser was just visiting right in the three minutes the posts existed? My site showed a 404 Not found, because the page did not exist.

According to /deleted, that’s not the way things should be. So today I re-posted This is another test post, and then unproperly deleted it.

So when you now go to, you’ll get a 410 Gone, including a Dutch human readable page which explains what that means.

I do this by setting a dt-deleted on my post. I also taught my site that if I put a future date, it won’t 410 on people, until we past that date. This sets up my own Snapchat/Instagram Stories on Seblog!

In addition to a 410 Gone for direct hits on the url, the post does still pop up on feeds, but with the following markup:

<div class="h-entry" style="display:none">
  <a href="" class="u-uid u-url"></a>
  <time datetime="2017-01-08 15:26:26" class="dt-deleted"></time>

This is not visible for normal users, but advanced feed readers could pick this up and delete the post in their cache. I haven’t added it to the RSS, because I doubt anyone supports this, but h-feed readers can pick it up!

I also don’t support delete via Micropub, but hey, we’re getting somewhere!

Oh and while I was at it: my private posts hide their slug now. My deleted posts don’t, because that would cause a redirect (which is 301 or 302) and I wanted a 410 Gone.

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