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Day 24: media-endpoint at HWC

Today I was at Homebrew Website Club in Utrecht. We had some talks, showed some stuff, and then coded for a while. (You might say that we switched the quiet writing hour and the talks around, but we were not silent all the time.) Jesse made a first version of a blog section on his site and Martijn did some tweaking on his habit tracker.

I made it easy for myself: I just copy+pasted my existing [media endpoint](https://www.w3.org/TR/micropub/#media-endpoint) into my Indieweb Toolkit. Then I spent the rest of the time tweaking, cleaning and improving my code. The whole endpoint is now contained in a single static method, which takes a string with the path to the upload folder, and a string with the public URL of that same folder. It validates access tokens, saves media with a sanitised filename and an unguessable prefix, like vx5dgk-image.jpg, and then returns the URL of the uploaded file in a Location header.

So, this could be your media-endpoint.php:

require __DIR__ . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'toolkit' . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'bootstrap.php';
require __DIR__ . DS . 'indieweb-toolkit' . DS . 'bootstrap.php';

endpoint::media(__DIR__ . DS . 'media', 'http://indieweb-toolkit.dev/media');

Still haven't brought the IndieAuth class over to the toolkit though, so it's still not working. But it's coming!