RSS is not dead you know (nor is Atom)

Quite a while I wrote about building a social reader[^ Then called IndieWeb reader, but social reader is the better term.], but these days I have to admit it went nowhere. The biggest problem with it being that I myself don’t really use any reader to consume stuff: I was not used to keeping up with blogs, I only used to mindlessly scroll through Instagram. These days I got the Twitter app back on my phone again, so I make my scrolls there too.

What does seem to work over the past two months or so, is that I occasionally look at the NetNewsWire Mac app, which I pinned to my dock. Seeing the icon makes me click on it, and this way I do read or skim blogs I follow. I organised stuff by social distance, or something close to it, like Ton suggested. I notice that it makes me sad some people I want to follow as a person are not available via RSS/Atom.

The experience on NetNewsWire is not quite the way I want it, but I figured it is better to use an imperfect setup than no setup at all. I really enjoy being in the loop with content I actually care about, sorted by how much I care about it (thanks Ton). Maybe from here I can improve things (including but not limited to my own RSS format).

NetNewsWire just released an iOS app, so I have to check that out too.

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