Day 39: inquiring about Micropub

I really should get back into #100daysofindieweb again.

Recently I got into writing again, and with writing comes the endless quest for writing apps. My all time favorite is iA Writer, because I use that one since at least 2011 on and off. Another favorite, but newer, is Ulysses. Ulysses is a combination of iA Writers simplicity and Scriveners multi-functionality. (I don't really like Scrivener, however, it's way to much of everything.)

Both iA Writer and Ulysses offer Wordpress and Medium integration from within the app. The sad thing is: I'm not on Wordpress nor, so I can't use that feature. I do however support Micropub, which is open and stuff. It would be nice if they did support that.

So today, I wrote both of them an e-mail, asking to add support for Micropub.

I think this barely qualifies for a real Day within the 100days, because I didn't really made stuff, I just talked about things. But I really need to get back at the quest and it's late already. And it would be nice if one of them (or both!) added support for Micropub through this action.

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