Day 27: private posts

A few months ago I wrote that I made 'privéstukjes' on my site. The implementation was as simple as one field called 'private' that I would give a value (true for example). If the field has a value, my site returns a 401 Unauthorized header and a page explaining that there is nothing to find there. I did not implement a way to log in, for I only used it for (two) drafts / pieces of bad writing I wanted to keep for myself.

But what is the fun of a private post when nobody can see it?

Today, I implemented a login for my private posts. It was a bit more work than I thought, getting IndieAuth to work and thinking out all the different states of a post, but I made it.

Posts can now also have an 'audience' field, where I keep a comma separated list of URLs that have access to the post. I plan on expanding or replacing that with predefined lists (friends, family, etc.), but for now this works fine.

If one is not logged in, the private post page returns a 401 with a (Dutch) explanation of what is going on. There is also a field to put in your personal URL for an IndieAuth login. If you login, but are not on whitelisted to view the post, you will get a 403 Forbidden, and a Dutch explanation. (Translating my site based on visitor language is still a to do.) If you are on the list, you will see the post.

I have made a test post, so you can try out for yourself. All URLs on IndieWeb's IRC-people page, at the time of writing this, are whitelisted. Have a try at it if you're on that list!

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