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als antwoord op Neil Mather

This reminds me also of the design of Animal Crossing. (Full disclosure: I'm totally addicted at the moment, see real life bugs and instantly recognise they are not part of my collection yet.)

But in the game, everything is done by interacting with characters on the island you walk on. You unlock new features and game play, as Tom Nook gives you a NookPhone and sends you more and more apps. New mechanics often come in the form of new characters and buildings as well.

Most iconic to me is the airport, located at the south of every island. You want to connect with your friends and go to their island? You have to go to the airport to do so. You can then talk with the dodo behind the counter and let him open the gates (so friends can visit you) or search for flights to other islands. In the conversation he asks: do you want to go to an island that is close or far away, meaning: local connection or connection over the internet? All the loading and connecting is dressed up as if you are taking a flight, it's really well done.

Anyway, different clouds, but still space in cyber.