The day before yesterday I posted about how to divide up posts into various 'post topics', to aid readers in finding something interesting.

Just now I came across an interesting read (in Dutch) by NRC, how they put articles on their homepage. The gist of it: they have some automation, but most of it is actually hand picked by a team.

I don't know if I want to hand pick something like that for my own site, but I like the idea of hand-picked content over algorithms. Or even 'assisted hand-picking', something like that might work.

Another perspective I wanted to add to my own post: by creating these three to five main categories, one is also creating three to five 'personas' to write for. It is like writing a letter to a friend, but then have three friends with different interests, so you write them different stories. What I mean is that these main topics can also aid the writing process itself.

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