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As you can see on my site: at the time of writing I don't have them. I do show a line with a summary of the post. It shows the author's name, the post's title or just 'a post' if nothing is available. I have been planning for a long time to add context to it, but I would only do that on the detail-pages: on feeds I would keep it as is. I think that might work very nicely for your design too! But: as long as you show any preview at all, you're not cutting the complexity of the Mf2-fetching.

Addition: I like to save the context for my own archive too. My site even saves a copy of the image if I like a photo-post, even though it does not display. So: I myself would not want to loose the complexity of the Mf2-fetching, for it has other benefits.


Henrique Dias
Henrique Dias

You’ve made good points: if I want to show something, I’ll always need to fetch it. I’m actually using XRay for it right now which is really straightforward to use. However, as simple as it might be, I’m n…