Day 42: multi-photo

Yesterday, I went to Den Helder for a day. Besides doing some work, we also made a walk through the dunes. Such walks produce pictures, somehow, and I wanted to post some of them here.

Since I didn't want to create multiple posts, it made sense to create a list of photo's in one post. Instagram also launched a new post type with multiple photo's, and this seemed to be a good match for it.

So yesterday I made a quick foreach loop to be able to post them and today I styled it some more with CSS. It's not as pretty as the Instagram presentation of a multi-photo post, but I didn't want a carrousel like they use. The pro is that the images are viewed one by one, not influencing each other that much, but the con is that it's hard to signal to the user that there are more then one picture behind the post. I like the list as it is now. It's kind of long, but it works.