Day 38: multi-like

Yesterday, I was at the presentation of Pim Lammers' Het lammetje dat een varkentje is (‘The little lamb who is a pig’), a childrens book about transgender. I follow Pim on Instagram and today he posted three photo's of yesterday. I saw a few names of friends who already liked all three of the photo's, and I was tempted to do the same.

But, since I'm committed to post my likes on Seblog first, that would require me to make three new posts on my blog. That's a bit much. So I decided that all three likes where going to be one post here. I posted them as a comma separated list of URLs, and my blog made the following post out of it:

I have to admit I didn't write any new code for today. This is just the way I made my like-posts work from the start. I just never found a proper use for it until now. Let's see what I break with this post.

I also POSSEd the likes to Instagram, of course :)