Day 37: color tweaks

Minor thing, but... I feel lighter these days, so I wanted my site to reflect that. I always thought of <a href="/category/eee">#eee</a> as the lightest of grays, because there is only <a href="/category/fff">#fff</a> (white) as the next step. The six-digit notation was too granular for me. But it turns out that, for a background color, <a href="/category/f6f6f6">#f6f6f6</a> actually gives a whole different feeling. It's so much clearer!

Another thing you might have noticed, it that I broke the streak of consecutive #100daysofindieweb. This has to do with the lightness, I guess. I came home after a nice evening of talking about writing, and I just didn't want to get into the coding state of mind again. So I decided to leave it that night.

The returning problem with 100daysofindieweb, for me, is that I haven't figured out all the things I want from it yet. In the last entry, for example, I used Aaronpk's emoji library to display reacji in a certain way. While this is a nice thingy, there is an underlying question that I did not ask myself: do I need this?

For me, it was a recurring theme, remembering to do something IndieWeb around 0:30 at night, and just inventing 'problems' to solve, preferably small problems with quick solutions. I implemented a lot of stuff I think is useful, but also a lot of things just because other people did it before me.

A few days ago, I noticed that Whatsapp added the 'photo stories' feature, invented by Snapchat and copied by Instagram. My first reaction was: hm, how can I do this on my own site? While that is a nice question to ask oneself, it is useful to also ask the question wether you actually need to have such a thing on your site. Photo stories are hard to copy, because you can only add a new photo to them if you take that photo directly from the app. Also, the discoverability and way of viewing them is 80% of the feature. Their temporary nature also makes them less suited for the web. All in all, I shouldn't rush into this, and post photo's that disappear after 24 hours, just because I have a day to fill.

I will continue the 100 days. I will just sometimes take some time in between days, to think about the route I want to follow. To ask myself the question: do I need this? Minor tweaks make big changes over time, and it's okay to redo some stuff you did before. That's the way your understanding grows. But no more big new things for me now. I more or less have what I need, I just need to improve some things.