als antwoord op

My biggest mistake with Colemak was actually to completely switch to it on all keyboards, I find. I now use it (with some mods for Dutch) on my columnar keyboards, but keep Qwerty around on the built-in MacBook staggered keyboard and the old keyboard I had. It works fine: my hands feel the keys on a different place and just remember Qwerty or Colemak (including ALL my very bad Qwerty habits I am not going to fix anymore).

By using Qwerty on the side, I actually have an out when work is on fire, while doing more relaxed work on Colemak. The first time around I just had to quit Colemak because I was not fast enough, but with this duo setup the second time around I could make the switch just fine, and now I am around my normal typing speed again on both.

As for Vim... I did not change any bindings and even moved the arrow keys on the navigation layer to the new places of HJKL. My brain just adapted, despite their weird placements.

Seb vindt dit leuk.