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Niet die van Aha?

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Driving lessons. I am almost 31, live a Dutch city with plenty of bike space and love our trains, but am I stressed about them right now and want more options to see my parents. (Turns out it’s kind of fun burning fuel for an hour, just to move your body in a box on wheels.)

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That’s what I missed the most: social contact... The situation here allows for ‘contact jobs’ like barbers and driving lessons, with some extra precautions, last few weeks. I know it’s a risk, but I see zero friends and family now, public tests are coming. Hope stuff stays down.

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It’s sad, but I will keep cycling to the office (once it opens again), because that is the most efficient, and I am very opposed to owning a car (there is a shared GreenWheels in the street next to me) and hey, I didn’t pass the exam yet!